Bloomfield Public School


To establish a happy, secure, well ordered and stimulating environment for the staff and children within.

To promote respect for others and their property.

To promote good working habits, a spirit of inquiry and self-discipline.

To encourage children to take pride in what they do.

To offer the children a broad and stimulating curriculum so that each child will flower to the best of his/her ability.

Learn to use language to communicate effectively and develop a love for books and literature.

Develop knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts and operations.

Learn to investigate the environment in a scientific way and take an interest in caring for the environment.

Acquire and develop a knowledge and understanding of geography, history and religion.

Be encouraged to enjoy and communicate through aesthetic and physical activities such as art, music and physical education.

To give support and encouragement when difficulties arise, to recognize the role of parents in the pupils' learning process.

To encourage a positive relationship between home, school and community.